Advanced laser profile scanner application for micro part detection (2013)

Kuhfuß, B.; Schenck, C.; Wilhelmi, P.:

Laser Metrology and Machine Performance X (LAMDAMAP 2013), March 20-21th, 2013, Buckinghamshire/UK, euspen,

ISBN: 978-0-9566790-1-7, Konferenzband S. 365-372


Production processes for macro parts are often not applicable to micro production, due to the occurrence of size effects. Especially the handling is very challenging. To overcome the micro specific problems the production in linked parts is examined. A substrate, ideally the base material, is used to keep the micro parts interconnected and thereby a rescaling to macro dimensions is realised. On the one hand an exact equidistant arrangement of the parts cannot be assured by the production processes. On the other hand small tolerances for micro parts demand a high precision positioning for subsequent processing stages. A detection of the micro parts within the linked parts and a separate referencing with respect to the feed system becomes necessary. In this context the application of a laser profile scanner is investigated. Especially the optimisation of the measuring by inclining the sensor around its vertical axis is studied. A real-time capable recognition algorithm for typical geometrical features with sufficient robustness against noise and measuring errors is developed. To analyse the influence of the inclination a test series is performed and compared to reference measurements done by microscopy.