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Handling in the Production of Wire-Based Linked Micro Parts (2017)

Wilhelmi, P.; Schenck, C.; Kuhfuß, B.

Micromachines 2017, 8 (6) (2017) 169; doi:10.3390/mi8060169


For simplified processing and the enhancement of output rate in multi-stage production,
micro parts are handled as linked parts. This contribution discusses handling specific challenges in
production based on an exemplary process chain. The examined linked parts consist of spherical
elements linked by wire material. Hence, the diameter varies between the wire and part. Nevertheless,
the linked parts must be handled accurately. The feed system is an important component too,
but special focus is given to the guides in this present study. They must adapt to the diameters of
both the parts and the linking wires. Two alternative variants of adaptive guides are presented and
investigated under the aspects of precise radial guiding, vibration isolation, damping behavior and
friction force.
Keywords: multi-stage micro part production; linked parts; diameter adaptive guides