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Coupling system for ultra precision machining (2016)

Foremny, E.; Schenck, C.; Kuhfuß, B.

Journal of Mechanics Engineering and Automation, USA, 2016, ISSN 2159-5275


The mass production of plastic parts containing micro structures in optical quality requires molds with corresponding surface quality. These micro structured molds can be produced by ultra precision cutting (UPC). To produce a high surface quality the ultra precision machine spindles must be well balanced. It is not sufficient to balance the tools and the spindle separately. They have to be balanced while assembled to ensure the required balance quality grade better than G0.4. One possibility to decrease setup times and increase the quality of the spindle balancing is to enhance the unbalance induced vibrations and thus allowing better unbalance detection. In this paper a coupling system between the spindle and machine frame based on flexure joints is presented. The experimental setup provides two states: operational and setup. The operational state provides a high stiffness, whereas the setup state allows the spindle to vibrate along one degree of freedom, enhancing the vibrations created by the unbalance. The system is analyzed concerning its ability to restore the defined conditions in the operational state as well as its capability to enhance the detection of unbalances in the setup state.