2D position sensor based on speckle correlation - experimental setup for high-speed measurements and in field tests (2016)

Bloem, A.; Wilhelmi, P.; Schenck, C.; Kuhfuß, B.

11th International Conference on Micro Manufacturing (ICOMM 2016), March 28th-31st 2016, Orange County, California (Paper No. 17)


Two dimensional position sensors based on speckle correlation have shown promising results for applications in which traditional sensors are unsuitable. They have an unlimited measurement range without the need of a physical scale and can be adjusted to achieve resolutions in the sub-micrometer range. The main drawback of this measuring principle is a cumulating error in the position shift calculation which leads to a drift in the results. In previous works, this drift was significantly reduced by improvements in the correlation algorithm. However, until now this method was only analyzed in simulations and immobile laboratory setups. In this work, a compact versatile experimental setup is presented. This experimental setup includes a high-speed 2D camera as well as a refined optical setup for the recording of speckle patterns.