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FEM simulation of infeed rotary swaging with structured tools (2015)

Herrmann, M.; Schenck, C.; Kuhfuß, B.

4th International Conference on New Forming Technology (ICNFT2015) 6th to 9th August, 2015, Glasgow, Scotland/UK


Rotary swaging is an incremental cold forming process for rods and tubes. Infeed rotary swaging with structure in the reduction zone of the tools is investigated using a two dimensional finite element simulation. A few geometrical parameters are varied, for cosine and skew stairway shapes. The effective tool angle is kept constant. The influence is evaluated by the radial and axial process forces. Furthermore, the material flow is visualized by the neutral plane. The simulation results are quantitatively compared to each other to analyse the reaction force FA, which acts against the feeding force. Also, the results serve to find suitable geometries to be transferred to rotary swaging tools for practical application. It is shown that the shapes have a significant effect on the forces and the location of the neutral plane. Finally a first swaging tool is modified with an exemplary geometry for experimental investigations.