2D position sensor based on speckle correlation (2015)

Bloem, A.; Schenck, C.; Kuhfuß, B.

Proceedings of the 4M/ICOMM2015 International Conference on Micromanufacturing, 31st March-2nd April, 2015, Milano (Italy), ISBN 978-981-09-4609-8, Tagungsband S. 541-544


Speckle pattern based position sensors have been introduced for the handling of linked micro parts. They enable a contactless position measurement with high accuracy. However, the system is limited to one dimension. Therefore vertical displacements of the micro parts are not measured. Depending on the processing of the micro parts a vertical positioning is necessary to satisfy the production tolerances. Additionally the accuracy of the one dimensional sensor is reduced by vertical displacements. A two dimensional sensor would enable the measurements of vertical displacements. In this work the extension of the existing algorithm to two dimensions is investigated in simulations and the results are validated by measurements. They cover the influence of different parameters and different error sources.