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Short Time Identification of Feed Drive Systems Using Nonlinear Least Squares Method (2011)

Nassef, M.; Li, L.; Schenck, C.; Kuhfuß, B.:

International Conference on Control, Automation, Robotics and Vision (ICCARV 2011), 28th-30th November 2011, Venice/Italy


Design and modeling of nonlinear systems require the knowledge of all inside acting parameters and effects. An empirical alternative is to identify the system’s transfer function from input and output data as a black box model. This paper presents a procedure using least squares algorithm for the identification of a feed drive system coefficients in time domain using a reduced model based on windowed input and output data. The command and response of the axis are first measured in the first 4 ms, and then least squares are applied to predict the transfer function coefficients for this displacement segment. From the identified coefficients, the next command response segments are estimated. The obtained results reveal a considerable potential of least squares method to identify the system’s time-based coefficients and predict accurately the command response as compared to measurements.