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Mechatronic reamer with wireless control (2008)

Kuhfuß, B.; Allers, S.:

10th euspen International Conference, May 18th-May 22nd, 2008, Zürich, Tagungsband S. 175-178, Hrsg. /Verlag european society for precision engi-neering and nanotechnology


Typically hard reaming is used to produce fits with nominal diameters of less than 20 mm with quality grades of IT 6 or better. The wear of the cutting edges has a direct influence on the diameter of the produced fit. This results in a displacement of the cutting edges and decreasing hole diameters leaving the range of tolerance whereas the bore surface and form deviation may still remain acceptable [1]. At this point the life time of the reamer is reached or, if the tool provides this possibility, the head diameter needs to be readjusted. This is done manually by unclamping the reamer from the machine tool and adjusting the new diameter in a separate device. Therefore an increase of productivity and endurance can be achieved with a tool that is able to compensate the amount of wear of the cutting edges without the intervention of the machine operator. The mechanical and electrical set up of a prototype reamer controlled by a wireless interface is illustrated in this paper.