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Mechatronic tools for cutting processes (2010)

Kuhfuß, B.; Allers, S.:

International Chemnitz Manufacturing Colloquium (ICMC 2010), September 29th-30th, 2010, Chemnitz


Monitoring is an important task to increase the productivity of automated cutting processes. It enables an automatic reaction on events such as increasing wear or unstable cutting conditions. Based on the shortness and the invariant signal transmission the sensor and actuator integration in the rotating tool is very interesting. This is demonstrated by a mechatronic reamer that is able to compensate the tool wear by remote-controlled head expansion. In addition, this tool includes sensors that measure parameters for process monitoring mounted directly inside the tool. Because all components which are the mechatronic drive, control, wireless interface, sensors and energy source are completely integrated into the tool holder, it remains relatively small and compatibility with standard tool changers is guaranteed.