Determination of Plastic Material Properties of Thin Metal Sheets under Electromagnetic Forming Conditions (2021)

Beckschwarte, B.; Herrmann, M.; Schenck, C.; Kuhfuss, B.

24th International Conference on Material Forming (ESAFORM 2021), ULiège 14-16 April 2021


Electromagnetic forming is a contactless high-speed forming technique. In this process force transmission is initiated by an electromagnetic field provided by a tool coil. While forming thin sheet metal, the magnetic field is present in the whole depth of the sheet metal by definition. Thus, the magnetic field generates eddy currents in the complete sheet volume. The resulting Lorenz` forces act as body forces and are used for forming. Thereby high strain rates, high temperatures and multiaxial stress fields influence the plastic material properties of the workpiece. In this study, the plastic properties were investigated under real electromagnetic forming conditions. By varying process conditions like charge energy, sheet thickness and die material, the magnetic field and thus the plastic material properties were changed. To visualize the influence of the electromagnetic field, forming experiments were carried out. The strain of the formed sheets was measured. Furthermore, the forming forces were determined by measurements during the electromagnetic forming as well as by finite element simulations. With the measured strain and the determined forming force, a model for the plastic material behavior during electromagnetic forming was evolved.
Keywords: impulse forming, material model, aluminium