Flexible tooling for impulse forming (2019)

Langstädtler, L.; Pegel, H.; Beckschwarte, B.; Herrmann, M.; Schenck, C.; Kuhfuß, B.

Procedia Manufacturing Volume 27, 2019, Pages 130-137, Elsevier Verlag


With impulse forming technologies like electrohydraulic and electromagnetic forming, the punch in a stamping process is replaced by an impulse that acts in a short period and provides high strain rates of over 1000 s-1. Beneath the advantages which are accompanied with high speed forming the used dies and tools have to withstand mainly dynamic loads. This enables the realization of new concepts to increase flexibility in tooling for impulse forming. The flexibility covers different aspects like intrinsic geometrical adaptability of the punch, reduced demand for mechanical stiffness, rapid manufacturing of the dies due to the usability of alternative tool materials, modular dies and the opportunity of consecutive or parallel process combinations. These aspects of flexible tooling are illustrated by examples in different size scales for sheet metal, tube and bulk forming. The proposed techniques allow cold forming of small series or even single parts more cost and time efficiently.

Keywords: Metal Forming, Die, Rapid Tooling