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Graded tool steel for micro rotary swaging via co-spray forming

Cui, C; Schulz, A.; Moumi, E.; Kuhfuß, B.; Böhmermann, F.


Grain size modification by micro rotary swaging

Ishkina, S.; Kuhfuß, B.; Schenck, C.


How dry is dry? - A critical analysis of surface conditions used in dry metal forming

Almohallami, A.; Arghavani, M.; Böhmermann, F.; Freiße, H.; Herrmann, M.; Mousav, S.A.; Schöler, S.; Scholz, P.; Tenner, J.; Teller, M.; Umlauf, G.; Wulf, D.; Yilkiran, D.; Maier, H.J.


Incremental dry forging - Interaction of W-DLC coatings and surface structures for rotary swaging tools

Hasselbruch, H.; Herrmann, M.; Mehner, A.; Kuhfuß, B.; Zoch, H.W.


Incremental Forming

Kuhfuß, B.; Moumi, E.:


Influence of the Number of Impacts During Incremental Forming on the Mechanical Properties of Copper Wires

Kuhfuß, B.; Moumi, E.; Bomas, H.; Köhler, B.:


Influence of the relative rotational speed on component features in micro rotary swaging

Ishkina, S.; Kuhfuß, B.; Schenck, C.


Influences of dry machining on micro rotary swaging

Moumi, E.:


Investigation of deformation induced martensitic transformation during incremental forming of 304 stainless steel wires

Kuhfuß, B.; Moumi, E.; Clausen, B.; Epp, J.; Köhler, B.;


Iron based tool materials for micro cold forming via rapid solidification

Schulz, A.; Cui, C.; Kühnle, T.; Kuhfuß, B.; Moumi, E.; Partes, K.; Twardy, S.: