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Dry Rotary Swaging (2015)

Herrmann, M.; Hasselbruch, H.; Böhmermann, F.; Kuhfuß, B.; Zoch, H. W.; Mehner, A.; Riemer, O.

Dry Metal Forming Open Access Journal FMT 1 (2015), S. 96-102


Rotary swaging is a cold bulk forming process. The diameter of the workpiece is reduced incrementally by oscillating movement of the tools. The established processes use lubricants which fulfill necessary functions such as lubricating, cooling and cleaning of the tools. Disadvantages caused by the use of lubricant are costs of recycling, replacement of lost coolant and for the cleaning of the workpiece. To eliminate the lubricant it is necessary to substitute the functions of the lubricant in other ways. For example by means of coating and structuring of the tools. In this study infeed rotary swaging with structured tools is investigated using finite element simulations. Different structures are implemented in the reduction zone of the tools. The influence is investigated by the radial and axial process forces. Additionally first structured tools are manufactured and experimentally tested. The results of modeling and testing are discussed.