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Development, characterization and testing of tungsten doped DLC coatins for dry rotary swaging (2015)

Hasselbruch, H.; Herrmann, M.; Mehner, A.; Zoch, H.-W.; Kuhfuß, B.

4th International Conference on New Forming Technology (ICNFT2015) 6th to 9th August, 2015, Glasgow, Scotland/UK


The extensive use of lubricant during rotary swaging is particularly required for a good surface finish of the work piece and the reduction of tool wear. Abandonment of lubricant would improve the ecological process-balance and could also accelerate for further work piece refinements. Also cleaning of the manufactured components becomes obsolete. Thus, a dry machining is highly innovative, consequently new strategies to substitute the lubricant functions become necessary. To encounter the changed tribological conditions due to dry rotary swaging, low friction, tungsten doped, hard DLC coatings and structured surfaces are the most promising approaches. In this work the development of hard coating by means of reactive magnetron sputtering is presented, a promising layer variant is deposited on a set of tools and then tested and investigated in real use.