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Properties of alloy 304 micro parts processed by rotary swaging (2014)

Moumi, E.; Kuhfuß, B.:

Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Nanomanufacturing (nanoMan 2014), 8.-10. July 2014, Bremen


Rotary swaging is an incremental cold forming process especially for rods and pipes. In incremental forming processes the geometry is achieved by a sequence of small forming steps. In the present investigation the diameter of alloy 304 wire was reduced from 1.0 to 0.5 mm. By modifying the process setting values the number of impacts acting on a volume element was varied. The mechanical properties of the produced parts were investigated by tensile test and hardness measurement. It is shown that the yield strength first increases with the number of increments and then reaches a saturation state with higher increment. The micro hardness over the transverse cross section reveals a strain inhomogeneity after forming and a correlation with the yield strength for smaller number of increments. It is also shown that martensite was formed in the wire by rotary swaging and its share in the microstructure strongly depends on the number of increments used for the diameter reduction.