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Wavelet basiertes Echtzeitsystem zur Überwachung von Prozess- und Maschinenzustandsänderungen (2008)

Kuhfuß, B.; Orlik, B.; Schädlich, S.; Groke, H.:

Tagungsband der SPS/IPC/Drives Elektrische Automatisierung - Systeme und Komponenten - Fachmesse & Kongress, 25.-27.11.2008, Nürnberg, Tagungsband S. 131-139, Hrsg. Verl. A.; Schuma-cher, W.; Bender, K.

VDE-Verlag, Berlin, ISBN 978-3-8007-3128-2


A compact PC104plus industrial PC with RT-Linux operating system and a DSP-based peripheral card handle complex online condition monitoring tasks and is optimized for sophisticated, high dynamic control systems for electrical drives. The DSP-based processor card enables the use of continuous wavelet transformations for real time condition monitoring. The presented approach describes the use of wavelet function generated directly out of measured process signals. These process adapted wavelets (selflets) combine the ability of cross correlation for detecting signal affinities with a frequency resolution following the idea of wavelet transform.