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Sensing tool for condition monitoring (2009)

Kuhfuß, B.; Allers, S.:

9th International Conference and Exhibition on La-ser metrology, machine tool, CMM and robotic per-formance (LAMDAMAP 2009), 30th June-2nd July 2009, Brunel University, Teddington/UK


This paper presents a tool for reaming with two main functions. An integrated actuator enables the reamer to adjust the diameter of its cutting head to compensate the wear of the cutting edges. The second function of the tool is the ability to measure the actual cutting torque during the reaming process and to transmit this data via a wireless interface to a stationary host-PC next to the machine tool. With these two features tests were performed. The head diameter was increased stepwise and the machined bore diameters and the logged cutting torque signals were investigated. A strong dependency of the adjusted head diameter is found in the machined diameter of the bores. Due to the varying lubrication conditions and the diameter tolerance of the pre-machined bore, this dependency cannot be found with this clarity in the cutting torque signals. However, the dynamic parts of these signals are well suited for condition monitoring of the cutting process to detect improper cutting conditions.