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Robotic Offshore Service System (2012)

Foremny, E.:

ForWind Jahresbericht 2012, S. 62-63


Wind power plants are complex technical systems. For minimum break down times, strategies for preventive maintenance and short-time repair with all parts at hand are essential. However, internal sensors cannot detect or specify every failure, so additional visual inspections on a regular basis are needed to ensure flawless functionality. With the introduction of offshore power plants these inspections become much more expensive, due to the difficult approach either by helicopter or boat. Furthermore they depend strictly on good weather conditions. A very helpful support to these inspections can be provided by a remote video surveillance system. Video inspections cannot completely substitute the technician on-site inspection, but they can assist to detect and/or specify first signs of problems. The goal of the Robotic Offshore Service System (ROSS) project is to develop, install and test such a remote visual inspection system.