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Diversion of tool paths in kinematic redundant machining: a general approach for different design requirements (2006)

Kuhfuß, B.; Schenck, C.:

WGP-Annals Production Engineering, Issue XIII/1, 2006, S. 197-202


The use of kinematic redundant machine tools is a prospective approach to gain higher accuracy with higher dynamic performance. One fundamental task is to solve the under-determined kinematic equations both in the design state to define the properties of the overlaid subspaces and during machine operation where the axes controllers require explicit commands. A practical solution was achieved by considering the splitting as a pseudo frequency band issue. Using wavelet and wavelet packet transform provides the opportunity to formulate the conceptual properties as boundary conditions in time domain by defining range- and velocity-limits and to attain a separation in frequency domain adopting digital filter. The paper describes the general separation filter design process including the formulation of the constraints for different applications, a systematic approach to find the correlated pseudo frequency bands, the preparation of the according filters, their implementation in drive control and experimental results.