Comparison of radial deviation in serial and parallel kinematic machining (2007)

Kuhfuss, B.; Amirian, G.; Schenck, C.:

3rd Tehran International Conference on Manufacturing Engineering (TICME 2007), December 10-12, 2007, Teheran (Iran)


In serial kinematic machine tools (SKM) the motion of the machine axes are directly translated to the tool center point (TCP), but in most parallel kinematic machine tools (PKM) the motion is transformed to the TCP nonlinearly. In this paper, for comparison radial error in SKM and PKM, the tracking error transformation from joint space to thenTCP and the resulting contour error are modeled. As in machining processes the contouring accuracy depends on motion precision, the generation of the contour error in circular trajectory in SKM and PKM is presented. In contrast to conventional kinematics the radial deviation in PKM machining is not constant. Radial error in PKM is a function of the programmed radius, transformed drive tracking error, velocity gain and velocity transformation. A formula for the radial deviation with PKM is given and calculated for bipod and tripod example mechanisms.